Happy birthday baby!

The birthday girl

This precious bunny turns nine today. My firstborn. Can’t believe how grown up she is now, and how sweet. I went into labour early. Two weeks early, to be exact, which isn’t mean to happen with first babies – everybody knows that. My other half knew that, which is why he booked so many appointments leading up to her due date, “so I could get them out of the way before the baby came”. I called him early on a Friday afternoon to tell him my waters had broken, and by the time I got into his work two hours later he was still on the phone trying to reschedule people. Turns out that bubby had stage fright though, and didn’t show up until last thing that Sunday, and that was with an awful lot of help.

That’s typical of her, that is. Always ahead of where she needs to be, but does the last-minute panic and doubts herself, and needs loads of coaxing.

My second-born’s birth experience was completely different. He was a (ooooouuuuch) posterior delivery. That’s typical of him, too: right on time, but has a knack for making things much more complicated than they need to be.

And the third was straightforward. Just like him.

Have you ever noticed a pattern between birth and personality? Hmmmm. Have you ever noticed that I can read something deep and meaningful into just about anything?


12 thoughts on “Happy birthday baby!

  1. Deeply analytical. I do that too. Let’s see what I can come up with. No 1 was 6hrs in the process, go to woah. She was in a hurry to see people face to face, I guess. Still has to be around people all the time. No 2 was ten days late and took a lot longer to be born, and she is the one who always keeps us waiting when we have to go somewhere. No 3 used to move around so much when I was playing my piano, that I’d end up with braxton hicks. He loves to sing and dance even now. There I did it! 🙂

    • HAHA!! Wow, that’s funny. See, it’s true, it’s true! One of these days some enterprising midwife is going to monetise this, and write a “prophetic” personality profile based on a baby’s birth…
      Gosh…actually I hope not.

  2. Happy birthday to your baby! Those firstborns do shape us don’t they?
    My first born arrived on her due date in 5 hours flat and didn’t need a doctor in the room, thank you very much. I’ll do it without anyone’s help. (Mum and Dad not included)
    Second born followed hot on her heels and arrived on his due date. Had to win though, by arriving in three hours flat, and obliged by letting a trainee nurse deliver him instead of a doctor. Kind hearted chap, he is. (Never mind I paid for it in the pain department with poor nursie taking her time with pain relief!)
    Third born arrived in a Bangkok hospital in under an hour and into a room full of medical staff. 5 nurses, a doctor, my husband and my mum! (And me!!) He lives by another set of rules, and we suspect he will be the intergalactic president of all earthlings and aliens. 🙂

    • Ouch Dorothy, them’s some fast labours you had! (sorry, I only just saw your comment this morning).
      Hehe…and yes, there’s something about third children isn’t it? Always, every third (or final) child I know is just determinedly different. If your third will one day be the Intergalactic president of the Universe, then my third will probably be waiting in the wings to help 🙂

  3. My twins were born 10 weeks early and at age sic are always in a hurry to do the next thing and are usually telling me to hurry up. The second twin was frank breach which was very dramatic and is now something of a drama queen. My 3rd child was born smack on her due date and at almost 3 does things only if they are on her own terms. But then I read into everything too. Is that a writer thing?

  4. I have actually long suspected just this as it is totally true for my three children. 1st was in no hurry to arrive, 10 days late, 10 hour labour, posterior baby a very difficult birth which should have ended up c-sec but not this child never got distressed, just la de da, finally arrived wide eyed and totally inquisitive, same child today 11 years later, highly inteligent but la de da with everything in life. Second child, on time, text book birth, placid, calm beautiul soul, same child today 9 years later. Third child, arrived when he wanted to, amongest some drama, total performer and clown, and is still the same 7 years on! !!!!!

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