If you’ve been reading this for any length or time, or if you are at all familiar with what’s happening in my world, you may just be aware that I’m heading off on a Grand Adventure in (oh MY) seven days’ time, on my first ever overseas trip, to the USA. I’m packing. It feels wrong. I’m reminded of all the times we went on family holidays to Melbourne when I was a little kid, and I wasn’t allowed to wear half my clothes for about two weeks leading up to the trip, because I might need them in Melbourne.

I used to laugh. We have a washing machine, and it does things pretty much all by itself. It’s not on a roster, we can use it any day of the week!

I’m a grown-up now, and have been for a number of years, and have been on countless grown-up trips to Melbourne, where I’ve casually thrown a few choice pieces of clothes into a small suitcase the night before. No big deal. Sometimes I’d go with just carry-on.

Oh the rebellion. Oh the freedom!

But now I’m packing.

One week to go, and already I’ve decided that there’s enough to think about without wondering whether my favourite jeans are clean, or whether that red top I like so much will be dry in time. I just don’t care. I’m packing. It feels wrong. But then again it felt wrong four weeks ago when I baked two cakes, a zucchini loaf, pumpkin slice and Anzac bikkies and froze them all (oh okay, we ate the Anzacs already) in individually-wrapped portions for the children’s lunch boxes while I’m away. Doesn’t feel so silly now. Now I’m glad they’re there.

Now I’ll happily wear the same top and the same trousers for the next few days, because I like them. And because the weather is warm chances are I’ll wash them tomorrow, and wear them again for a few days after that as well.

Here’s the irony though: I like this top. I like these trousers. They’re comfortable, they’re flattering, they’re very Me. Chances are I’ll wash them the day before I go and wear them on the plane. Chances are I’ll wear them for quite a lot of the time I’m over there. Chances are that all the rest of these things that I MUST have clean because I MUST take with me will spend quite a lot of their first overseas holiday staring at the inside of my suitcase. It’s happened before. I’ve lugged all kinds of things around the country and never worn them.

And I wouldn’t change a thing.

How about you? Are you an over-packer? An under-packer? A last-minuter? A don’t-wear-it-for-a-month-just-to-keep-it-clean-er? Got any great packing tips for me? I’d love to hear.


11 thoughts on “Packing

  1. We’ve done so much travelling now I have pretty much worked out what I’m never likely to use….I’m a throw everything in a carry on bag a day or so before type: (Even for international travel) Most of my clothing is ‘travel ready’ ie, I wear quick dry, no need to iron fabrics that don’t smell if you wear them for days on end. Wish I was going with you…..

  2. After years of packing every other weekend for visits with my dad, I’ve become pretty good at the toss and go pack job. I don’t advise it, though. Especially with my frazzled mind.

    And, if you don’t have enough underwear, I’ll take you to WalMart. Ha!

  3. I’m an over-packer and I’m really trying to fight it. Somewhere I read that you should get everything out that you’d like to take, and then put half back. I’m starting to think that’s good advice! There’s always so much that I never wear, and some things I end up wearing several times. Will I ever learn?!

    • Yes that’s good advice. It’s kind of what I do, having learned from the lug-everything-around-the-country experiences.
      Now, from memory you do an awful lot of travelling to Italy for work…or maybe you live there. Hope you master the art of packing soon!

  4. It is a disease of the mind it can control you. I’m an over-packer too, mostly because I’m a rare shopper and I’m pretty attached to every piece of clothing I own so they are kind of company that is difficult to do without. That’s normally my reason and excuse.

    • Now that’s interesting. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with that bit of understanding! I’m a rare shopper too, and I’m quite attached to my clothes. Funny thing is this year, having a bigger spending budget than I’ve had in years, added to the fact that so many of my summer clothes are getting quite ratty, I’ve been buying heaps more, and suddenly feel happier to leave more behind. Cool!

  5. No packing tips, as I’ve never traveled overseas. However, I do hope you have a grand time over here! I do tend to pack more than I need, though. We’re going to Cancun on the day after Christmas. That could be a challenging trip to pack for.

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