Losing my (travel) virginity

I’m going. People ask me how I feel. All the time.
I guess I feel excited, but more than that. Much more.
I feel defenceless, not in a bad way, but in the way that small children and old people are defenceless. Everything that comes at me I receive. There’s no question of not-taking-it-personally now. Everything is personal.
I feel like Jesus must have felt those last few days of his life on earth: acknowledging that I’m a few days away from the inevitable, even though the inevitable is something I can’t understand, and can’t imagine. And I can’t understand and can’t imagine how people do this all the time, without thinking about it.
I feel calm, with the silent acceptance that the dying seem to display. There’s no fight any more, and the bargaining has long passed. There’s no fear, not really, just a warmth surrounding me, like I am walking ever so slowly towards a light.
I only have one prayer today, and it goes something like this:
Hold my hand please. Be with me. Don’t ever let me go.
And Thank you.
How about you? How are you travelling today?


11 thoughts on “Losing my (travel) virginity

  1. I wish I was jumping on a plane and flying far, far away to meet new people, have new adventures, get a fresh perspective on life – very jealous! Enjoy your trip, take lots of pics!!!

  2. How am I traveling today? I’m not, and that’s the nifty part.

    I’m here, home at last, in this big scary country to which you’re headed. It’s not bad, really. In fact, it’s awfully nice. Welcome! Make yourself at home! Enjoy!

    I’m so excited for you and I hope this trip is all you hope it will be.

  3. You know, I’m elated that you’re coming to my house. But right now I’m also nervous. Nervous that my place won’t be what you expected and that you’ll be disappointed. Or that you won’t like Michigan. Or that you aren’t a big hugger…because I am.

    But the elation far out powers the nerves. I can’t wait to show you my little part of the world!

  4. You go, girl! I am traveling through today holding hands. It is the only way to go. We are flying back to Michigan next Saturday. I love Michigan but it is probably because it is mine – I belong to Michigan. Have fun with Susie because it is people we remember when we return home. It is fun to see famous places but it is the people we meet that makes traveling fun. I look forward to reading your posts as you are traveling.

  5. Ahh! Welcome, welcome! 🙂 I so deeply hope you enjoy your stay. If you happen by the nation’s capital, drop a message!

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