I love an Aussie Summer

This week I don’t care if it’s nearly Christmas. I have to shop and I have to plan, and much as I love my family and much as I love celebrating the birth of Jesus, this week my mind has been thoroughly transfixed by the closeness of the glowing orb in the sky.

I’d forgotten how much I love Summer!

Beach picnic

Day at the beach

How can you not love Summer when you live in a city where there are more beaches than there are highways, and most of them are so close you could be there before the kids stopped arguing as to which one had the better waves?


The sand-turtle-dinosaur

We even found this little guy. A rare species indeed.

An Aussie back yard Summer

An Aussie back yard Summer

…to top it all of with this. The grass so dry and prickly you need thongs on to play soccer in the back yard, and the sprinkler attachment from the hose eaten sometime over winter by the lawnmower, and a zillion favourite childhood memories of paddling pools and icypoles in plastic packets dripping syrup down your t-shirt and nothing else to do but laugh and play.

What about you? What are your best summer memories? Are you looking forward, like I am, to a long hot January? Apologies, of course, to all you Northern Hemisphere folks. This is what Christmas is like down under!



7 thoughts on “I love an Aussie Summer

  1. I live in north central Texas, so Christmas time isn’t typically terribly cold. It has been quite chilly the last couple days, but the temps should be on their way back up for a bit.

    Summer in Texas…it’s really really hot. But I have such good memories of playing outside and riding my bicycle all over the small town I grew up in. Wouldn’t trade that for anything.

    • So it doesn’t EVER get really cold there? I know a few people who’d think that’s just awesome 🙂

      I know what you mean about those childhood memories. There’s just something magical about summer.

      • I guess it depends on what you consider really cold. This morning, it is 34 degrees (F). The last two mornings it has been below freezing. But it’s easing back up to the mid forties and even fifties some mornings during the next week or so. Our “winter” usually comes for about a week in February, when we get some freezing rain and, every other year or so, some snow. 😀 However, there are some parts of Texas (up in the “panhandle”) where it gets really cold. And there are parts, down in the valley, where they seldom see freezing temps at all. It’s a very diverse state.

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