blog post? What blog post?


There’s carpet going down! My study is empty. My lounge room and bedroom are so full I can’t even get into them.

I’m so tired I can’t even remember basic words like…like…oh you know what I mean.

See ya Monday folks. In the mean time, go be nice to someone who looks stressed and grumpy. If they ask why, tell them you’re doing it for your Tasmanian friend!


7 thoughts on “blog post? What blog post?

  1. Sounds exciting – what colour and type of carpet did you choose to weather the busyness of your family please? We are in the process of debating whether to do this too after 20years and the carpet cleaning men seem to leave it looking dirtier than when they arrived. I suppose there is just a saturation point. Hang in there change is strange but worth every cent

    • Heidi we chose a solution dyed nylon loop pile with a subtle pattern. Looks fantastic, and meant to be superstars wearing, which is what we need. The thing that surprised me though is how much lighter it looks once it’s down. I love it, it looks fantastic, and I’m glad it’s light because our house is fairly dark, but it looks a good three shades lighter than it did in the little sample we had. And the walls look awful mow too. Cannot wait to get them done…in the next few years!, 🙂

  2. I always hated the disruption in our order and routine but then when it is done it is sooooo nice. And I had one horrible surprise when buying carpet. It was a pattern and the small sample we had didn’t show the large amount of orange that was in it. We didn’t keep it long and hated it all the time it was down. Picking out carpeting is the scariest part of decorating for me. The other parts I love.

    • HAHA! OH NO! I feel for you with that orange.

      Yeah, I found it a bit scary as well. It’s a big and expensive commitment, and it’s really hard to visualise from a small sample. But boy oh boy, it’s been worth it!

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