This is my new kitchen window. All I wanted to do yesterday was sit and stare at it and think about how beautiful it is. I love it. I told my friend the other day that having it makes me feel like a princess. Truly.
I know, I know. You probably don’t see it. Not as beautiful. Not like I do. But then again you don’t know the journey of this kitchen window. You don’t know the difficulties we’ve had with it, and you don’t know the vision we have for what it will be like when it’s all completed. All you see is a snapshot.
Remember this.
Remember this particularly if you feel un-beautiful, or stuck in process, or like you’re stuck in a rut and powerless to change: beauty (and value) are more than just a snapshot. They’re about knowing the journey.
If you feel less than fully lovely today, remember the long ago person

you used to be, and dream again of who you will one day become. And then remember that you are, in fact, truly beautiful.


5 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. It’s been a hard season for me, and I feel burned down to the bone – hardly beautiful, or handsome, or whatever.

    But there is the faith that one day God will turn the wheel, and there will be a season of joy to follow. I don’;t know when it will come – and, truly, it can’t be soon enough – but it’ll be in His time, and the day will dawn fairer and brighter than I can imagine.

    This, I know.

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