Oh, Canada! Part two: the Rockies

So this morning I get up, and this is what I see:





Pretty much all I can think to say is WOW. What else is there?
Funny thing. Whenever I get back to Hobart from Melbourne I have the same thought: ‘Ohhh, so little, and it calls itself a city!’ And ‘Ohhh, so cute! And it calls itself a highway.’ Heck. Now I’ll be all ‘Ohhh, it’s so cute! And it call itself a mountain!’


Gotta go. There’s a cloud coming. I think I have to walk in it!

P. S. Sonnie! I miss you. How quick can you get here???


7 thoughts on “Oh, Canada! Part two: the Rockies

  1. Oh Meegs…. I’m really missing you too. I find myself hanging out for your next blog, kind of wishing you would do a daily dear diary!!!! But seriously do you really want to be spending all your time typing on a phone when you have so many spectacular things to see and do! I drove past your house this morning and gave it a little wave… daggy, but was my way of reaching out to you.
    So happy you are all having a wonderful time. It is lovely to see all the photos. I was thinking this morning while brushing my teeth, we haven’t seen any photos of you. You will have to ask Tony to take a photo of you in spectacular scenery with a massive big smile on your dial :-).
    Take care my dear girl.
    *Big HUG*
    Sonnie xxx

    • Ohhhh, big hugs back to you!! Thinking of you nearly every day, and thinking mostly that now you’ve got an ipod you need to get the Facebook app for it, so then you can keep up with all my daily travel doings! I find Fb a much quicker and easier method of sharing stuff. And a gazillion photos. Come on, join the party!! 🙂

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