Let’s Talk About Coffee

This. This is why you’re not getting a blog post today:

Wikipedia tells me there are a number of ways to take the caffeine out of coffee, the most common being washing the beans with acid a number of times. I’m really sensitive to chemicals in food.
3pm I drank a decaf. 1.30-3am I couldn’t sleep. Not the first time this has happened, no siree.
Acid. Yeah.
Good morning folks. I’m going to make myself a real, caffeinated, acid-free coffee, and attempt to wake up. Have a great day!


17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Coffee

  1. While I never knew about the acid, decaf coffee is just not coffee! If you want coffee you gotta drink the real thing.
    Now there is another, very good, reason to not go decaf.

    • LOL! I drank decaf while I was pregnant and breast-feeding (stopped that nearly five years ago now). Boy oh BOY I could tell the difference in my babies from when I drank caf and when I drank decaf. I think it’s what put me on to decaf in the first place, poor hyperactive over-caffeinated babies!

  2. I miss Australian Coffee. Only leaded for me. I am here now, sitting in a cold Ohio winter that won’t let up and dreaming of returning to Jaques Coffee plantation in northern Queensland for a flat white, oh and perhaps some scones and jam, please.

    • Ha! I get that. I’d never understand what you say about Australian coffee except that my memories of American coffee are still all too clear. We flew to Vancouver last year (okaaaaay, we passengered. Someone else flew) after three weeks in the States, and the first thing we noticed was the abundance of great coffee shops. Felt like home!
      Now a coffee plantation though…that’s something I haven’t experienced. THAT would be NICE!

  3. I love the taste of coffee but can only drink decaf after one cup of real coffee as it makes me all shaky. I drink Republica Organis decaf. It probably doesn’t taste like real coffee but I still like it. On the label it says that they decaffeinate it by using water and air. Chemical free. Someone’s always going to get hurt when you buy Woollies brand!

    • šŸ™‚

      My history with coffee is a bit erratic. I’ve had the caffeine jitters too, and moved to decaf for the same reasons. In fact for a long time I drank the Republica Organis too! (green lid?) I drank it for a long time before my insomnia started, and when it did I switched to one of those Ecco drinks, total non-caffeine fake coffee. I put my sleeplessness down to the residual caffeine in the decaf. I slept heaps better with zero caffeine. Then we were given the pod machine for Christmas, and those drinks were just so good…and with regular old coffee I slept just fine. With decaf though…oh who knows! I have no idea. I’m just over it. Give me a cofee!!

  4. i started drinking coffee when I was 4 years old thanks to my dad. Mom was furious and refused to cook for a week. I have been drinking real for76 of my 80 years. I love it.

  5. Sorry about the short night! Or maybe I should say sorry to your family, if you’re as hard to live with as I am after a short night! šŸ˜€

    Lately I’ve been super sensitive to caffeine and have been thinking about decaf, but The Hubs keeps warning me about this acid thing. Sigh. Can’t live with it; certainly can’t live without it.

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