Well, I’m here. Hello!

I’ve started a blog.

You can probably see that already, seeing as that you’re here, reading this and all.

It feels a bit hoo-ha-lah-dee-dah really, starting a blog. I mean, everyone has one. Everyone. And many of them are completely boring, all the time. And LONG! Heavens, I just don’t have time to read that much of anybody’s thoughts, I have housework to do. So this will be short.


Unless I get on a rant, which I do have a tendency to do occasionally. Usually before I realise I am, in fact, completely and utterly WRONG.

Don’t you hate that?

So there you go. I’ll blog because I like to think out loud, and because I like being corrected, and because sometimes, when ideas collide, you just might learn something new.

Care to join me in the discovery?