The Dog Blog


Pretty much the only news worth telling from our weekend is that we got a dog.

His name is Teddy, and he’s a four year old purebred Chinese Crested Powderpuff ( I KNOW!!), given to us because his old family couldn’t have him any more. He’s adorable. We love him.


The kids started seriously asking for a dog last year. We said yes…soon. One day. After our big trip. Then it was after Christmas, after our Summer holidays when we’d be away so much and couldn’t take a dog. After school starts and life normalises a little again. Soon. When we find the right one for our family. When we figure out whether we have the skills and space to deal with a puppy, or when a rescue dog that suits us comes available. One day.

We visited the dog’s home last weekend. Unlike some places, the dogs here aren’t on any kind of death row – they’re loved and walked and cared for and shuttled around the three dog’s homes in the state until they can find their forever-family, which is nice to know. The lady working there said their numbers were low (a good sign!), and the two dogs we particularly liked had already been chosen by families. We went home.

Tuesday our friend Christie came around again (yes, Christie our super-gardening neighbour is also our super dog-providing neighbour!) saying “I’ve got the perfect dog for you”. She showed us photos. We fell in love. She arranged a meeting. We melted.


How could we not?

Having not had a dog since I was a teenager I’ve had a lot to learn. Thankfully Teddy is basically a cat that you can walk on a leash, which suits me down to the ground.

The cat doesn’t mind, either.

The best thing about having a dog though is we DO get to take him for walks. We live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with dog beaches and walking tracks and little areas to be all within a ten minute drive or so from my house. He’s given us something to do as a family, some reason to go out and play and enjoy the outdoors now that my kids have outgrown playgrounds.

Hobart City Council is well set up for dog walkers. The paths along the river and the creek are beautiful, each with a small stand at the beginning with a roll of plastic bags to pick up your dog poo, and a bin to put it in at the other end. Very convenient.

My five year old asked me yesterday “Who made the river and the creek Mummy?” Oh how lovely, I thought. He’s enjoying the beauty of nature too. I told him “God made them”.

“Wow” he said. “God put a post at all the places with bags for dog poo too!”


So there you have it folks. Not much deep thought going on today, but lots of fun and love and joy and cuddles. Enjoy your day. I’ve got a dog to walk!