I left my heart in yesterday

Want to know a secret? I think I can tell you now, that it’s all right, that even if everybody around us is secretly listening and blabs it all over the internet it’s still okay, but I wanted you to know. Really. You’ve been there for me through all the hard stuff, especially recently, and I wanted to share some good news with you too.

I’ve fallen in love.

It’s kind of weird admitting it, and saying it out loud has a strangeness about it, a kind of finality, that once you admit to it it has to be true, there’s no going back on such things, especially when people know. I know.

I’m going back to the land where it’s still called Yesterday, the place where I left my heart. I’m going back to America.

Now before you all throw your arms in the air and say “Megan how could you!” and other wild accusations, let me explain. I’m bringing the family this time. Packing up the husband and the three kids and enough snacks, books and gadgetry to allow us to survive a 14 hour flight, and figuring out the logistics of how to pack enough stuff into suitcases small enough for the children to handle, yet having enough to get us through a mammoth 6-week USA and Canada road trip.

Yes. You heard me. I left my heart there. I’m going back to find it again. By the looks of things, probably this September. Never ever…EVER thought that’d happen. Good thing I believe in miracles, because there’s been a few of them turning up lately.

What about you? Ever found yourself pining for a place you used to swear you’d never go to? Ever fallen in love with the most unexpected thing?