An essay of heartbreak

Happy Monday everybody. I’m hunkering down with edits for my novel, which need to be finished in the next six weeks before I jet-set back over to the good old US of A to go to the ACFW conference in Indianapolis and try and convince people it’s so awesome they should publish it. Or something like that. So I’m not blogging at the moment. I’ll stop in and give you something interesting to read instead, but it’s unlikely to be from me.

Today’s article is both profound and heartbreaking and incredibly, beautifully, poignantly written. It’s a personal essay written by Deborah Vlock, who I’ve been incredibly privileged to get to know through her blog, and who comments from time to time on mine. This essay is about her experiences with her son, now (I believe) fourteen.

Please read Benjy, Awake. Let it break your heart for a minute. Then, if you think of it, say a prayer today for Deb and for Benjy.