When Stuff Just Happens

Duccio - Jesus opens the eyes of a man born blind

Ever thought you’d like to rewrite the Bible? I have. Not in the weird, form-my-own-religion sense, but, you know, just make God fit…well, fit ME better.

Most of it I like. Most of the time I’m happy knowing there’s stuff I don’t understand, and I’m okay with that. There’s a safety in knowing that I don’t need to know everything, but that I know someone who does, and there’s trust like nothing else on earth when you can just throw your hands in the air (yeah yeah like you just don’t care) and say a big fat What EVER.

Here’s the bit I don’t like though. Here’s the bit I’d borrow the Tardis and go back and slap Jesus in the face for (oh really, Megan?). It’s the bit where Jesus heals the eyes of a man who was blind from birth, and someone (probably his disciples – I love those guys) asked him “Hey how come that guy was born blind? Was it something his parents did wrong or something?” and Jesus said “Nup, it was just so God could get all the credit.”

I just don’t think it’s fair.

And I don’t think the guy who was born blind would have been terribly happy with the answer either. Sometimes it’s easier to blame someone than to say “well, stuff just happens”.

But stuff just happens.

I know this, because once upon a time stuff just happened to me. Some super-wise lady once said to me “it’s not your fault, you know. Don’t take it personally. You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time”.

The thing is though, the thing with stuff happening, or with being born blind, is that you get used to it, and you accept it as normal, and part of you, and one of those things you just have to live with, and it’s okay, because even though you’re limping you’re still walking, right? And it’s all good, fine, normal even, until some bloke, some God, comes along and starts fixing things, and then you realize how broken you really were, and after the Grateful and the Shocked you end up with this strange niggling emotion of “well how come you didn’t do it sooner?”

There aren’t any answers, except I guess to slap yourself around the face a bit and telling yourself to be grateful. Because in the end, that’s all we have. And to make sure that the next time we see a man born blind, or some chick who’s limping through life because once Something Happened we put our arms around them and tell them “it’s not your fault, you know”, and remind them that we CAN’T rewrite the Bible, but that there is a One Day, and one day their miracle will come, too.


12 thoughts on “When Stuff Just Happens

  1. Yes, I was just reading some of Job this morning. He wanted answers as to WHY this was all happening to him, when he knew he’d walked faithfully and obediently. But God doesn’t really owe us any explanations. We just have to trust that He knows best and works for our best. And hey, Job ended up way better than before the whole losing-everything-except-his-life thing.

    • THat’s such a good reminder, thanks Amanda. I ask “why” far too much, and I’m recognising that now.
      And the further we get away from situations the easier it is to say “thank you” and leave it at that…
      thanks. I needed the reminder today 🙂

    • xxxx it was never my intention to slap you in the face hon (or anyone really!) but I’m glad it’s provoked you. It provoked me too. Funny thing that, when what you start out writing about morphs into what you actually need to read!

      • I know you didnt, but i needed it!! and you are so true…. i read over some of my blogs and wish that someone had written them for me to read, to help explain things. It’s just like writing a journal!! xx

  2. Dealing with whatever life throws at us can be hard. But we are looking at the underside of the tapestry of the universe, and God, Who is Love, sees the harmony and purpose of the whole design. When misfortune, or even the cruelty or unkindness of another person, touch us, God has a reason for allowing it. He does not will evil, but he wants us to have freedom to choose to love, not to be forced to love, which would be meaningless. And when we see another’s misfortune and help them, then the evil has also been turned to a good purpose. There is a lot of pain and misfortune in Annette’s book, A Distant Prospect, and how the characters come to terms with life’s unpredictability is a hopeful and uplifting read.

    • Francis you are so right. I love the visual that we are looking at the underside of the tapestry. I’m looking forward to, in Heaven, seeing where my colour threads lead.

  3. Yea, asking way too much just gets you confused, then the whole basis of your morale starts to thin away and then you start looking at things differently and justifying so many things you shouldn’t justify.
    I think the understandable was meant to show us the par on which God is not within our understanding and it keeps humanity in check. I’ve seen a lot of people turn atheist over night just from asking too much and trying to be intelligent.
    But hey, I love asking too much too and normally when I can’t find the answer I know I might be knocking on a door that should just be left closed or waking a sleeping dog. My friend’s mum use to tell us not to pray against evil spirits we can’t fight and just pray for a great day and live it at that.
    As usual you make it all interesting. So glad I’m following you.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you’re following me too – I love hearing from people 🙂
      Sometimes I feel that God made me a questioner, and He knows I love to ferret out information and figure out mysteries (detective story, anyone?), and sometimes it feels like He plans stuff for me just coz He knows I like it (oh this is sounding convoluted…I’m sure you get it). So it’s finding the harmony of questioning and faith, and when that scale gets unbalanced then things go wrong. Hmmm. I like that thought!

  4. I have no problem with questioning…..I don’t think its bad to question anything.. If anything people not questioning enough has been the problem throughout our history from the inquisition, to witch burning, racial lynchings, and on and on all in the name of faith.. Free will means you are a not lemming to go off a cliff blindlly following others because they are “smarter” than you…get yourself smarter I say and don’t settle on yourself…always strive to be better than the day before..whether it’s spiritually, physically, or mentally….great piece by the way Megan..very thought provoking…your more intelliegent than you give yourself credit for. Cheers

  5. Ha! thanks Philip, I’m feeling significantly less than intelligent this morning (although sleeplessness and small children’s birthday parties is contributing to that quite a lot).
    I’m feeling far not smart enough to answer you with any kind of thought sorry 🙂 except for what I said in my comment above probably applies here too – the balance between questioning and faith.

    • No Worries…..questions I have a lot of ..but my faith has morphed you might say into something very personal over the years and not directly to the Bible at all but a faith nonetheless…thanks for commentary mate.

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