Hello my beautiful friends!

This isn’t a post sorry…it’s a message to say thanks for your comments and all your love. It’s been Thanksgiving today. Michigan is great. I’m completely exhausted, talking more than I ever do at home, socialising like crazy and having a WHOLE BUNCH OF FUN!!!

Many, many thoughts on the Mid-west. Many many more than I have the energy to write at the moment. And we’re getting up early tomorrow to do the whole thing again!

Love to you all, have a wonderful day. Thanks for coming with me on my travels,
 I’ve loved it.

Megan xxx


9 thoughts on “Yeah…later

  1. Megan, Be glad you are so busy & happy! I’m all alone & very sad I live in the Bay Area. I don’t have a Car or friends… & around the “Happy Holidays,” I feel worse then ever. I’m from the Midwest. Northern Indiana, an hour from Chicago. Made my to the west, Southern Illinois, Mesa, Arizona, & various cities in California. I love reading your blog. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the Midwest.

    • Oh man, I’m so sorry to hear about your sadness at this time of year. That’s hard, and I understand how difficult it can be when everyone around is off celebrating with family.
      I’m glad you enjoy my blog! I’m looking forward to getting my brain together (after I get home) and processing all the stuff from the mid-west.
      Take care,

  2. Welcome to Michigan. You had a beautiful, sunny, unseasonably warm day on Thursday. And today you had a beautiful, cold, cloudy, snowy day. I’m eager to hear your take on the Midwest. It feels soooooooo normal and average to me. But I love it so much.

    • Hey Pat! I’ve been thinking of you over the last few days. Did you say you lived in Flint? Someone told me that recently…I drove through Flint yesterday. Went all the way across to the Thumb. Seen a LOT of Michigan! Beautiful area, although I still wish it’d snow properly 🙂

      • I want it to snow properly too. I am having a really bad “I need to get out and take photo” attack but the clouds have been so heavy that there isn’t much color to photograph. We are pretty brown and grey right now. I live in Jackson – about 45 miles south of Lansing. I wish you could see the great lakes in the summer – they are so different than the ocean. Enjoy your time that is left!

  3. Heys Meegs! So glad you are having the best time. Can’t wait to catch up and hear all about it, see some photos etc. Far too much to fit into a lunch break! Talk to you when you get back. Enjoy your last few hours in the US. Love ya! xoxox

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