Honey, I’m home!

I came back from my Grand Adventure.

There is so much to say, and so much to think. How two weeks in the USA can change a person so profoundly is anybody’s guess, but it did. We are all different now: my house is different, my husband, my kids, we’ve all changed by this experience, and for the better. I will talk about it here, and the changes that have happened, but not just yet. Now is the time for quiet, and for remembering, and for allowing myself to stay different and not be swept back up again in the familiar routines and thoughts and expectations.

I’m looking at my photos. A lot. Just to remember that Michigan has funny yellow traffic lights that hang on a rope in the middle of the road, and that yellow school buses are real (they really are!), that LA doesn’t have trees, that pharmacies sell beer and Walmart sells guns (YES! It really does!!). That true friendships don’t mind about the fact that you may not see someone for ten years, or that you may never have met them (or even spoken to them) in person before. That Americans are just the most kind, loving and beautiful collection of people that I’ve ever met, and that the world will always feel just a little bit smaller now because I’ve wrapped my the silk thread from my heart around and around these people and trees and shops and bedrooms and couches and clocks and kitchens, and if I squeeze myself really close I can always pull that thread just a little bit tighter.


12 thoughts on “Honey, I’m home!

  1. I remember the first couple of times that I went away, all by myself, and came home to a place where everything is different. You will always be different, Megan, even after you get back into the routine of everyday life. I look forward to seeing your pictures.

      • I was just sitting here thinking about how much each of my trips abroad changed my world view. How exciting it was to see a different way of life and to think about why people do things the way they do. My first trip was to Switzerland to visit my daughter and I was amazed at the small amount of space available for habitation and how that impacts on laws, policies and life. At the same time I have a hard time getting my mind around why anyone would have the same experience (your experience) in the US. Our culture is so much a part of us that we don’t see it and we feel so ordinary. Until we go someplace else – once I experienced other cultures I became more aware of my own. Does this make sense or am I rambling. Sometimes when I talk, people get a glazed over, deer in the headlights, look. But this is why I am so excited to hear about your observations and impressions. You must have a year of posts bottled up inside.

  2. I’m tearing up over here…. I do so hope we are able to be together again sometime. I was so thankful to be able to meet you, laugh with you and share some ‘Merican food with you. 🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts as time goes forward and you share. For now, do rest, remember and hug those babies!!!

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