Things I didn’t expect

That I wouldn’t want to talk about it for fear that experiences would limit themselves to memories, and move from 3D and real, to small, confined in words.

That Australian accents would sound foreign, especially the first time I heard one, and that I’d listen for indicators that the speaker was faking it.

That my city, my view, the streets and trees and mountains I have seen every day for the last few years, would seem foreign, different suddenly.

That I’d appreciate their beauty properly for the first time, as an outsider would.

That I’d cry for a day and then readjust as if nothing had happened.

That I’d learn housekeeping tips from people I stayed with, and that I’d come home and want to apply them.

That I’m happier not doing things the old way any more, and that I’d rather change everything round than go back to old habits and patterns.

That I’d wished there’d been someone following me around taking more photos. I took a couple of hundred, and I want more.

Arnold is right…I’ll be back.


7 thoughts on “Things I didn’t expect

  1. I agree with all of this but when I came back from Africa this year I didn’t expect that it is still affecting me now 7 months later… when I’m out in my garden I think of the African girls in the sun tending the plants, when I’m cooking up a feast for my family I remember the simple corn meal and beans that is the diet over there and the colors and dancing – I want to be there again – it felt like walking through the wardrobe in Narnia and coming back seems a little mundane.

    • Wow. Di I can only imagine the culture shock that Africa would have been. The US was weird enough! When you hear stories and see pictures of Africa you do feel sometimes like you know it, but to be there and live it, yup. I can imagine I’d describe coming back as mundane as well.

  2. Well when you come back to America….I say see new things, have new experiences, new friends, new places, Take a road trip – like to Chicago, or New York, Florida, etc…change it up…also come when its not so dreary and more stuff is going on esepcially IF you visit the MIDWEST again…like the summer or early fall! oh yay!. MIchigan really does have wonderful beaches when its not foggy …but dont forget you took something with you but you also left alot behind with those you met…they have their good memories to keep as well….btw the USA socks look very cute on you…:)

    • Ha! Glad you like the socks…I’ll convince you yet on the shoes 🙂
      Yes, there’ll be a next time. And yes, I’ll be back in GR…this trip was about people, and I’d desperately love to revisit everyone again. Hopefully next time I’ll bring the family, and a van, and we’ll do a lot of those things like Chicago and NY (be still my heart!). And deep-friend turkey. Who could say no to deep fried turkey??!!

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