The Tasmanian Fairy Tale Shop

Shop window with applies and naked plastic childrenSo I went for a walk the other day, and on my way home I walked past this shop. Naked plastic children (headless)…and baskets of apples. Because they go together.

Now I live here. I know what this shop is, and what I’d find if I walked inside. I’m sure you could work it out pretty quickly too. But just for a moment, because it’s fun, let’s imagine…

This is a Fairy Tale Supplies Store. It’s called Anderson&Grimm, and out the back there are axe-sharpening tools and a selection of different types of porridge. There are chairs and beds of different sizes and levels of comfort, a rack of capes for sale in varying shades, from crimson to scarlet, and dog-grooming products. Behind the counter there are sleeping pills, fertilizer, rat poison and anti-frizz hair products.

Because that’s cool.

I’m hoping that the vacant shop next door will soon be taken up by Ms. A. Christie and her display of model trains, 1930s decor, moustache cream, arsenic, fluffy cardigans and a rack of brown suits. With a few cracked mirrors. I’d love that shop.

Dream with me today, my friends. There’s an empty shop near you, tucked away in an obscure little back street that only the locals know about. What would you put in it?



15 thoughts on “The Tasmanian Fairy Tale Shop

  1. I LOVE this shop. I was only in there yesterday, and got myself 3 headless naked women… I could totally go bonkers. The only fairly tale here is me going nuts.. 🙂

  2. Easy. A gluten-free bakery.

    I received the gift of life several years ago with a massive blood transfusion, but also received a sensitivity to wheat, oat, and barley gluten. There are quite a few bake mixes on the market, and a growing number of ready-made items, but I’d love to start a gluten-free bakery, specializing in fresh, hot pies.

    I haven’t had an apple pie since 2005. I miss them.

    • Oh man. First, amazing that the blood transfusion brought that about. I’ve heard about it with organ transplants before, how people suddenly crave cigarettes when they’ve never smoked, or experience funny little personality quirks that they hadn’t before. It makes sense with blood too, if you’ve received a lot. So strange though. The body is more complex than we like to believe, I think.
      And…2005. Ouch. I’ve never had to go gluten free, but I went dairy free and chocolate free when nursing my younger two children. It’s a sacrifice. I LOVE dairy!

  3. A shop called Three Rooms ~ Room 1 is where I chose my desired era, social standing and receive appropriate attire (read dress ups! If Im dreaming it will be quite the fantasy).
    Room 2 is where I enter chosen world, and for the next 24 hours, play or work according to the customs of the day.
    Room 3 is always within sight. Somewhere I can run to when it all gets too much and I need a quick click of the ruby slippers. That one we call Home.

    And yes, I mixed my ‘wish shop’ and a well known movie here. Never ask me an open ended question. xx

    • Oh Dorothy, ooooohhh!! Oh YES!!
      I would LOVE this!
      (I actually cleaned out my kids’ dress-up cupboard the other day, desperately needed to downsize it so it all fits in one box. But I’ve got tailcoats and fur wraps and long pinafores and lacy pirate shirts and full hoop petticoats. The kids don’t wear them much…but there’s no way I’m getting rid of them. There’s just not enough opportunity in the world for adult dress-ups!)

  4. I think the shop with three rooms sounds fantastic, I have always dreamed what it would be like to live in a different time and place. If I had my choice, probably a shop for everything and anything wiccan, because I believe that some of those herbs have intense healing powers. Although I am not a wiccan myself, I am very open minded to finding alternative medicines for ailments.

    • That would be an interesting place to visit indeed. I agree, I think we as a society tend to have forgotten centuries-old wisdom in medicinal power in plants. I’m glad to see that, here at least, there are a lot more people looking at alternative therapies–I get tired of the way doctors prescribe medications for everything rather than taking a more holistic approach.
      Granted, I was suspicious myself for a long long time. My mother-in-law once showed me a massive bruise she had, and said she was about to put some Arnica and Rue paste on. I smiled, but inside I scorned the idea that some weird herby paste could heal a bruise…until she showed me three days later that it was healed. Suffice to say I’m no longer a scoffer.

      • Okay…I’m officially going to try Arnica and Rue paste lol, my son, gets scrapes and what not while playing and they take forever to heal. I use a lot of wiccan herbs, I have a great mortar and pestle I bought it I do a lot of them from scratch, they really do work, some of them. I think medications work in some aspects, but not all. My son takes medicine for adhd, because all the holistic approaches we took didn’t seem to work. But I usually use the medicine as a last resort.

        • Yeah good luck with it! I’ve been amazed to see how quickly it works.
          I’m with you on the medication front, a last resort. Although I took a couple of painkillers the other day after a sleepless night with a sore back and went “oh yeah, I don’t have to put up with this!” D’uh. Sometimes I just forget that medicine is an option.

          • lol no I sometimes do that with the painkillers if my back is really bad. I have Lumbar Ridiculopathy, so I have been trying to find herbal remedies that can quell that much pain. Yeah I often forget as well, I’m so used to just getting out my herbs and mortar and pestle like a Renaissance mommy and start making remedies. 🙂

              • you know what? I was just having this conversation the other day with a friend, saying that I would love to walk around like that, they had such amazing dresses in those days…her response was “people would begin to talk” lol. No really they probably would think I was crazy if I did on a daily basis, too bad.

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