The Tasmanian Fairy Tale Shop

Shop window with applies and naked plastic childrenSo I went for a walk the other day, and on my way home I walked past this shop. Naked plastic children (headless)…and baskets of apples. Because they go together.

Now I live here. I know what this shop is, and what I’d find if I walked inside. I’m sure you could work it out pretty quickly too. But just for a moment, because it’s fun, let’s imagine…

This is a Fairy Tale Supplies Store. It’s called Anderson&Grimm, and out the back there are axe-sharpening tools and a selection of different types of porridge. There are chairs and beds of different sizes and levels of comfort, a rack of capes for sale in varying shades, from crimson to scarlet, and dog-grooming products. Behind the counter there are sleeping pills, fertilizer, rat poison and anti-frizz hair products.

Because that’s cool.

I’m hoping that the vacant shop next door will soon be taken up by Ms. A. Christie and her display of model trains, 1930s decor, moustache cream, arsenic, fluffy cardigans and a rack of brown suits. With a few cracked mirrors. I’d love that shop.

Dream with me today, my friends. There’s an empty shop near you, tucked away in an obscure little back street that only the locals know about. What would you put in it?