Maggie’s Back!!


Thank you for all your prayers and hope and wishes for Maggie’s safe return. We found her. Here. In my son’s little-used soft toy trunk in the bottom of his bookshelf.
Five days is an awful long time to be stuck in a toy trunk. She’s happy to be out, very hungry, but otherwise completely fine.
Oh. My. Goodness.
She has no idea the stress she’s put us through!


7 thoughts on “Maggie’s Back!!

  1. That’s crazy! Cats are amazing creatures, aren’t they? We had a tom cat that disappeared for the good part of a year once. He came home again, a bit worse for wear, but we never knew where he was all that time. Happy for you guys to be reunited! XXOO

  2. That is wonderful news Meegs. Can’t believe she was so quite for all that time. Must have been scary for her. Big hugs for you all, including Maggie 🙂 xox

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