Welcome to…Legoland!

It’s Monday again! I’ve been thinking some terribly deep thoughts over the weekend; terribly TERRIBLY deep thoughts. So deep, in fact, that I’m over deep thinking for now, and have decided it’s time to share some photos with you instead. People keep asking me about our experience in Legoland (most often “is it actually made of Lego?” which, I’m pleased to say, it’s not), so I think it’s about time I showed you all what it’s like.

We LOVED Legoland.

Legoland Hotel Carlsbad

Legoland California Hotel

When I was a kid I was a passionate Lego collector, and I dreamed of one day visiting Legoland in Copenhagen, not ever really believing I’d get a chance to do it. I have no idea how that original Legoland differs from this one, but this one was an absolute joy.

The hotel is designed with kids in mind. We stayed in a lot of hotels while we were away, but this was the only KIDS’ hotel. Check out the decor:

Legoland Hotel

Legoland Hotel

Each of the three floors has a different theme: adventure, castle, or pirate. We slept on the second floor, the pirate rooms. The kids loved it, but what they loved most of all was that the elevator turned into a DISCO the moment you pressed the button for your floor. Why doesn’t the one at Myer do that?

The elevator host

The elevator host

The hotel had a huge Lego play area, model building competitions and entertainment for the kids in the evenings, and Lego to build in your room as well. Even the restaurants (there were three) were in on the Lego-themed fun.

IMG_2528The restaurants were full of large-scale models like this, all made of Lego. Unfortunately I’ve lost a whole bunch of photos :(. And the food was GREAT, too!

And then, as if the hotel alone isn’t exciting enough (which, really, it isn’t. It’s a hotel, and unless you want to spend your entire day swimming, eating and building Lego, it’s nice to get out), there’s the theme park!




Lego Safari…



IMG_2560and plenty of just plain old amazing Lego stuff. There was a whole area dedicated to Star Wars (including a life-size…ie, big enough to really fly in…X-wing fighter) and my favourite, Lego San Francisco. We started and ended our trip in California. I hadn’t realised though we’d be able to start and end it in San Francisco!



Lego Pier 39. The kids went on the real merry-go-round on the real Pier 39 as well!

Lego Pier 39. The kids went on the real merry-go-round on the real Pier 39 as well!

The (Lego) seals at Pier 39. Much less smelly and noisy than the real ones.

The (Lego) seals at Pier 39. Much less smelly and noisy than the real ones.

Well there you have it folks. Legoland California. Definitely worth a visit, especially if you, like me, still have a few kids and a secret passion for Lego.






4 thoughts on “Welcome to…Legoland!

  1. Looks like an amazing place for kidlets! My brother always said he was going to Legoland on his honeymoon. He’s not married yet…

    Terribly curious about your DEEP thoughts. Hopefully you’ll share some of them here. Hinting…

    • Legoland as a honeymoon works for me! Your brother is a smart guy 🙂

      LOL! After a big and busy deep thinking weekend I’m as shallow as a puddle now. A proper puddle, not one of those silly Amazonian things you could drown in. I’ll try and rustle something up for Thursday…wish me luck!!

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