The greatest of these is love

I read this this morning on Facebook, and it’s possibly the truest thing I’ve read there in a long time, especially on the subject of love.

It goes alongside the wisdom of not comparing someone else’s public face with your loved one’s (or your own) private one.

And it goes alongside something I read yesterday, a note from an old, old diary where I’d expressed my deepest fear that I was, at best, tolerated. I lived like that for a number of years. I don’t any more.

And with that I bid you good morning. Go. Love. Forgive. Or think about being forgiven. Remember that you, too, are more than just tolerated. You too, by someone, somewhere, and by the creator of the universe (whether you believe it or not) are loved.


6 thoughts on “The greatest of these is love

  1. Thanks Megan! I needed this. That dirty, stinking heart crept up on me again. In God’s love ’cause He’s the Only Love, Henrietta

  2. SO very true, Megan.

    I was thinking about this post while I was feeding and walking The Canine Crew, and somehow the title got transformed to “No Other Love”/

    That led me to a piece of music by that name, scored by Richard Rogers, that came from a 50s musical.

    However…the music has a prehistory, Rogers originally wrote the melody for “Victory at Sea”, and it was called, “Under the Southern Cross”.

    So I think this post is perhaps a reminder that in the end there IS ‘no other love’ but that contained in the Heart of God, in which all our ‘loves’ are bound.

    AND that truth came from our Tasmanian friend…Under the Southern Cross.

  3. That was a great read! I sometimes wonder if I have the capacity to love so unconditionally, or to accept being loved unconditionally.
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, it’s a tough calling, love. I think the first step is recognising that it’s a choice, and an action, not a feeling. It bothers me greatly when people say they just don’t feel love for someone any more, and other things of that nature. I want to jump up and down and say “go and DO it then! Go and just LOVE!”

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