Details schmetails…do it anyway.

For those who have been following my blog regularly you’ll know that we’ve just bought a new car, I’m about to go overseas for the first time, I’m stepping into crazy new territory on a personal level, and, just to cap it all off, we’re in the middle of a real estate/building “property development” (SMALL scale) thingo.

I’m a mother. And a writer. I have a small and fairly uneventful part-time job. What the hell am I doing with all this STUFF???? Since when did I need a lawyer and an architect and a contact person at the council? Since when did I count my budget in the thousands, not the tens? Since when did I have more US Dollars in my savings account than Australian ones? (Well that last one is easy – that would be since Wednesday, because the exchange rate is so good right now).

Since when have I been the woman who throws out old clothes and buys new ones, instead of just “making do”? Since when?

Since, I guess, since I started saying “Yes” to radical things, in faith, that were really a bit beyond my understanding. Since I believed. (If you want more details about my “saying yes”, go read this post here.

I don’t know what I’m doing right now. I’m probably making ONE KAZILLION AND ONE mistakes. And then some. I think I’m annoying some people. It doesn’t matter.

Here’s one thing I know: I’m not a details person. I never have been. I’m an arty-farty head-in-the-clouds creative daydreamer.

Here’s another thing I know: It Doesn’t Matter. Yes, there are people who would be much, MUCH better and more qualified than me to do all that I’m doing now.

I’m hiring them.

Yes. There are many, many things that could go wrong in all of this, too. I’m choosing not to look. Some people (details people) might call this stupidity. I call it vision. Or faith. I’m holding arty-farty metaphorical hands with the blokes in the bible who, when God told them to go check out the promised land, came back and said “Yeah, let’s go for it!” not the ones who came back in fear and complained about how hard it was going to be.

How about you? Are you the details type? Do you think I’m slightly mad for attempting all this stuff? Have you ever found yourself in the middle of something and thought “What the hell did I say yes to THIS for?”


Oh, and on a completely different note (so different that I can’t even think of a segue), the wonderful Andrea Kelly has nominated me for the Addictive Blog award. Thank you!!! The equally wonderful Pat Bailey nominated me for the same thing a few weeks ago, but I was too all-over-the-place to know what to do with it. Thank you!!!! Thank you all for reading my outpourings week after week, and thank you for liking, and for commenting, and for saying Hi. It means so much, I have LOVED meeting my readers, you make it all worth it. Thank you ALL! (Oh my…this is sounding like an acceptance speech…) THANK YOU!!!

I know there are rules with accepting these things, like nominating a bunch of others.. I’ll get to that…soon. Promise!


13 thoughts on “Details schmetails…do it anyway.

  1. I think it is absolutely wonderful that you are taking so many leaps of faith. If you make some mistakes along the way, they will soon be forgotten. I stepped out sometimes and felt exactly what you are felling – in fact I felt that way two years ago when we bought a condo in FL so we could be warm and happy in the winter. We asked ourselves, and each other, what if… Well… If it turns out to be a mistake, we’ll do something different. Right now I can’t think of any regrets over choices made – and I’ve lived long enough to make some good and bad ones. I do have a couple of regrets over choices not made – or more precisely choices made to not do. It is a privilege for me to be able to follow your future. Thanks and keep them coming.

    • Thanks Pat! You’re so right – regrets ARE usually of choices not made, not of things we did. You’ve got a great attitude towards mistakes, I wish more people could accept that.
      And a condo in Florida? WOW!! You live up north somewhere, right? Sounds like a big deal. Well done! Bet you LOVE EVERY MINUTE of that decision, too 🙂

      • We live in Michigan where the winters are usually very gray and cold. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We had been using my brother-in-law’s condo for 30 years and could never imagine that we would be “living” there for part of the year. And hiring people to do details. 🙂 OMG I still wonder how it all happened – but feel God’s presence so I know we did right. So, stay your course, Megan, unless it stops working for you then find a new course.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! My hubby is about to start his own business, which is a huge leap of faith for us. Money is flying around everywhere – and I dare not look at the negative possibilities. I feel like I’ve got my hands over my eyes while I jump off a cliff. Oh well, it’s all in God’s hands now. 🙂

    • Oh wow, Amanda I see you know exactly how I feel. Wow!! My husband started a business the week we had our first child. Sheesh!
      All the best. Hang in there. God is good!
      What’s the business?

  3. I often think that with what I’ve undertaken also. I’m usually in Italy when it really hits me. Recently I came across a nice quote inside the cap of my iced tea: Only the person who risks is free. Now I repeat that often!

    • Inside the iced tea, eh? Our orange juice lid had some interesting facts recently 🙂
      I like that though. I’ve grown up surrounded by people who are firm believers in the Safe Side, and although I’m an adventurer at heart, their words echo in my head. I’ll have to remember that quote.
      Italy? Why does it hit you in Italy?

      • I travel to Italy for my own business, and so I often find myself wondering if I’m crazy when I’m there. It seems to be a very different mindset than you’d find here in America for business, often very closed off and unwelcoming at times. It’s the luxury goods sector, so if you’re new and small and not Italian, it’s not easy. But I guess that nothing that’s worth it is easy, right? Anyway, for me it beats the “safe” alternative path. 🙂

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