Two by two they came

Well it’s about time I wrote something. Dad’s funeral has been, and Christmas, and New Years, and life is slowly and falteringly closing around the hole that’s left. I’m tired. Bone-weary and dog tired, and I don’t want to write anything serious today. You’ll get what you get. And today it’s…


I was reading the Bible this morning, and I’m up to the bit about Noah. Now personally I like God, and I believe in Him, and I give Him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the truth of the Bible. I’ve seen enough bizarre stuff and enough miracles in my life to not have a problem with believing in the bizarre and ridiculous, and I’m pretty okay with the knowledge that my brain is small, and finite, and that there’s a creator that’s bigger and wiser than me, and outside of time and outside of my understanding.

Still…(I’d say “but”, but it seems a bit wrong in the context)…

Spiders. Blowflies. Mosquitoes. Easy to find, sure. Not easy to find their gender.

I get that finding a big old daddy kangaroo is pretty obvious, or a mummy cow, or a daddy dog or a mummy chook. These are pretty straightforward animals, and, well, my kids would have no problems telling them apart. But daddy-long-legs’. Yeah. Good luck with that one. Good luck with making sure your cockroaches are a breeding pair, not a pair of males. And HOW MANY people have brought home a placid little girl bunny (hello there Theresa!) or cat or smoochy puppy only to have it find its masculinity in a surge of hormones after a few weeks. Or a “male” cat getting pregnant.

Now I believe in miracles, and I believe absolutely in Heavenly intervention, and that the Holy Spirit that leads and guides me also led and guided Noah into getting the genders right on all these crazy things – and just perhaps there were a number of ridiculous insects that DIDN’T survive the Ark because Noah got it wrong. Interesting thought. I’m not sure what I think of the pictures that put them all in nice patient lines though. I mean…really?

Really really?

I wonder if Heaven will have a movie screen of the past, and part of my hopes not. And I wonder if there’ll be people lining up in a snaking line, to wait to talk to Noah and ask him personally how it happened. We’ll all be there in line, waiting patiently, two by two, to find out finally all the answers to all the questions we’ve ever had in this life.

I like that. I can deal with life now if I believe the future, in Heaven, there will be answers.



10 thoughts on “Two by two they came

    • I’ve not heard of that one Erica. My husband recently read “Heaven is For Real”, about the little boy who came back after dying, and his telling me of the events in that have been amazing. Just want to go there now some days.

    • Good point! The first novel I ever wrote (wonderful, pretentious thing it was, hehe) used the theme of the mayfly. They have a larva that lives for six months in the water, so it’s only as adults they live for a day.
      Wow. After all these years this knowledge has come in handy for something! HA!!

  1. Megan, Noah’s ark was mentioned at a recent bible study in a critical way, and the critic was promptly silenced by the youngest present I will refer her to this post she will really appreciate it! Regards Jean

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