A vision for new

Hello again! Sorry, it’s been a while. Been a tough few weeks, and we’re just back from summer holidays, and it’s about time I get back into my blogging schedule for the year.

Holidays were fun, and I had grand intentions of putting up some wonderful photos of the cool places we went, but my SD card reader isn’t working right now, and I’m tired and grumpy, so I won’t. I’ll do it Wednesday.

It’s funny getting back from holidays. All the vision I had for new, for change, smacks hard up against the old and the needing-fixing, and it’d be so easy to let it all slide, especially when there’s this many loads of washing to do, and when there’s this much to change, and this many kids in the house, and this much Lego on the lounge room floor.

We’ll get there. The normal doesn’t swallow the vision completely, I’ve learned that now. It might go underground for a month, might hibernate, but vision, like Ashgrove Farm cream on non-homogenised milk (my new LOVE! I forgot milk used to taste this good!) always rises.


(One of the fabulous cows at the Ashgrove Farm, whose vintage cheddar I will always remember fondly. Even their orange cheese was nice. Did you know that in America all the cheese is orange? No joke! I found it pretty much inedible. Sorry America. Love you, hate your cheese.)

What about you? Have you had grand visions for 2013 yet? Are they getting swallowed in the mundane?


7 thoughts on “A vision for new

  1. I don’t think I’ve developed my vision for 2013 yet, just enjoying the nothingness of holidays at the moment. The mundane will return soon enough – oh, today in fact – back to work. 😉

  2. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, but you are ahead of me. At least you posted about your stuckness. I am just sitting here being stuck. There is a post coming on something other than photos – soon. Promise.

  3. Interesting about our cheese, but it’s not all orange. There is a nice Vermont cheddar that is white. It’s about the best I’ve ever tasted. Boar’s Head makes a really good Chipotle Gouda, as well. It’s sort of orange. 🙂 What I don’t like is the pretend cheese. That stuff they call “American cheese.” Yuck. I mean…it will do if it’s all I can get, but I’d rather have some sharp cheddar or pepper jack (which is also white). 😀

    • Ahhh Jeff, you make my heart happy!!!
      I didn’t do much research, and I certainly didn’t scour the deli at the supermarkets, but it struck me that “general-purpose-cheese”, you know, the kind you give your kids when they ask for a cheese sandwich, is orange, cardboardy and rather gross. Or orange, plasticky and REALLY gross.
      But apparently Americans think it’s silly that we put beetroot in hamburgers. It’s all what we get used to, I guess.

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